I was surprised to find the scrambling isn’t relentless, there … 6 - A steep down-climb comes next, before a series of three larger pinnacles. It's also an epic winter route but the short days and tougher weather make that a It’s Playing next. part of the ridge. The average Munroist will probably want to leave this route for a dry, calm day. Before tackling Aonach Eagach Ridge, the woman, who was not named, had climbed eight Munros - mountains of more than 3,000ft (914.4m) - and Striding and Swirral Edge on Helvellyn in the Lake District. Descent from this last pinnacle requires If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. A 9km ridge connects two beautiful Munros. This 360 route contains 78 HDR 360 photos. The difficulty is over after this but a word of caution; The best parking for this scrambling route is located just off the A82 at grid reference NN 17333 56746. do this route and enjoy it, you should probably head for Skye. ridge proper. 2 hrs down. Aonach Eagach: Sgorr nam Fiannaidh and Meall Dearg. Click to see the images from my trip. in Glen Coe to get the legs and arms warmed up! Aonach Eagach is a grade 2 scrambling route. I've done some light scrambling now and then so I know the basics but never anything too serious. Ascent is normally from Allt-na-Ruigh. The best known Munro is Ben Nevis (Beinn Nibheis), the highest mountain in the British Isles at 1,345 metres (4,411 ft). (Pap of Glencoe) then continues down to the road beside a burn. way, if you don’t see any you’re probably going the wrong way - or climbing in winter! 3 - There’s a decent path on this next bit of ridge, you’ll see more fence posts It starts at checkpoint 9 at Loch Achtriochtan climbing  directly up the steep slope to the start of the ridge at Sgorr nam Fiannaidh. southeast ridge of Am Bodach. Up ahead we could see some more climbers reaching the Crazy Pinnacles. Aonach Eagach - Meall Dearg. A first Music: An Dà Là - Mànran slippery. The Aonach Eagach ridge, looking west towards Sgorr nam Fiannaidh. steep and badly eroded. It’s a pretty steep slog so hopefully you’ve some energy Apparently the Rev.A.E.Robertson chose Meall Dearg as the final climb of his first round of Munros in 1901. Bag the 2 Munros on the Aonach Eagach ridge - … Running the entire north side of Glencoe, the Aonach Eagach is a scramblers’ paradise. The pinnacles are separated by very narrow parts of the ridge to get you in the mood for what’s ahead. to follow the safest thing to do is to stay on the crest of the ridge. Clamber along the ridge and its 'Crazy Pinnacles', a summer Grade 2 rock-scramble. is a little easier. up a track that leads to the Glencoe village road. The wind was light, the sun shining and there was very little cloud. You reach the first pinnacle and then there’s a Whatever measure you use to assess the quality of a scramble - length, exposure, views, or overall adrenal gland-squeezing awesomeness - the castellated crest of rock that looms menacingly above Glen Coe is pretty hard to top. A descent then takes you to the narrowest part of the ridge I grabbed a lift up the road with Andy, with a wee stop at the Clachaig for dinner on the way. There's a steep climb on a good path up the A broader ridge climbs to Sgorr nam Fiannaidh, the second It includes two Munros - Meall Dearg and Sgorr nam Fiannaidh.. They can be climbed separately though the purist would want to combine the two peaks, which means taking on the Aonach Eagach ridge, a name which strikes fear into many. Aonach Eagach - Meall Dearg is 953m above sea level, and is in the Loch Leven to Connel Bridge and Glen Lochy region. Scrambling on the Aonach Eagach ridge is really downclimbing, which requires good foot placements and a slow pace. steeper down-climb, followed by an ascent up a chimney. The ground between the two Munros is what the Aonach Eagach is famous for: exposed but amenable scrambling up short chimneys, along picturesque arêtes and around the formidable ‘Crazy Pinnacles’ before basking in the glory atop the second and final Munro, Sgorr nam Fiannaidh. The Munro Show - Aonach Eagach Ridge. The first Munro of Meall Darg is reached swiftly afterward but the majority of the scrambling is then to come as the ridge gradually narrows from here on in. one. A path descends to the ridge, then you climb a chimney before tackling Aonach Eagach - Sgorr nam Fiannaidh. The route summits two Munros; Meall Dearg and Sgorr nam Fiannaidh, but for many it is the legendary grade 2 scrambling in between these mountains that makes this such an exhilarating challenge.